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CC301: Conversation #1 -- Role Reversal
Being a Sandwich Generationer: What is the sandwich generation? What does this mean to you? Role reversal and becoming a parent to a parent. A substantially expanded version of Special Features 001.
CC302: Conversation #2 -- Legal Dangers and Protection
Choices and Self Protection: Everyone has the choice -- protect your finances and make medical decisions yourself -- or let some stranger make critical life decisions for you. This stranger could also spend YOUR money at will. Learn what NOT to do as well as what to do. I share my own experiences with my parents.
CC303: Conversation #3 -- Empowering Elders
Maintaining Elder Independence: Role reversal and how it applies to you and your ageing parent. It is better for everyone when you do less for a parent. Very specific TIPS to help you help your parent remain healthy safe and independent.
CC304: Conversation #4 Words of Wisdom
A collection of very apt sayings. Sandwich Generationers can laugh at and relate to these words of wisdom. Use the philosophy of many others as part of your daily life as you meet new challenges of elder care.
CC305: Conversation #5 When to Stop Driving
Driving is really a privilege, not a right. But many view it as a right. Danger signs that point to the need for a change are discussed.
CC306: Conversation #6 -- Saying "NO"
According to societal philosophy, women should be superhuman and able to do it all. Caregiver guilt often results in caregiver collapse. Learn how and when to say "NO".
CC307: Conversation #7 Medicare and HMO Alert
Medicare and HMOs. Details about Medicare and what it pays for -- and what it doesn't pay for. What HMOs pay for -- and what they don't pay for. Beware Ofs. Should you really change to a HMO as opposed to the traditional Medicare plan. How to make an informed decision.
CC308: Conversation #8 Pets == Better Health and Happiness
Pets DO give unconditional love. Learn Why and How. TIPS on how you and your loved ones, regardless of age, can live a better life with the love of pets (of all kinds).


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