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SF001: The Sandwich Generation
For the first time, "Sandwich generation" appears in the dictionary -- directly as a result of our work in the past 15+ years. What is The Sandwich Generation? What is its role in society? The answers are here. (Also see Conversations #1.)
SF002: Becoming a Parent to a Parent
Adult children DO become a parent to a parent and must take the leadership role in the relationship. Here's why and how.
SF003: After the Funeral
A daughter tells her story of having to "empower" her mother after the father/husband dies. The story, told in two parts, begins shortly after the funeral, with a look back after the first year. Great TIPS on empowering an elder.
SF004: Laughter = Best Medicine
Research continually shows that laughter and a sense of humor can be very healthy and help reduce stress. Thoughts here of Paul McGhee, author of "The Laughter Remedy," as they appeared in THE SANDWICH GENERATION magazine.
SF005: The Changing Role of Health Care Professionals
A 3 part series of articles that looks at the health care scene today and what you should expect. Physicians and other geriatric professionals were interviewed in depth. Their answers are presented here.
SF006: The Guilt Trap
The trap is ever there. Will YOU fall in? Learn how to avoid this high stressor trap.
SF007: Will Your Heirs Get What You Want Them To?
Will YOUR heirs be cheated? The real truth behind multiple marriages and inheritances. Your heirs may get nothing. Learn why and how to protect your $$.
SF008: Four Generations Plus Struggle for Balance
A real life story of a generous family who had both various elderly family members live with them as well as two troubled young boys, who were complete strangers. Numerous pets that also needed care added to the family dynamics. TIPS to help YOU cope.
SF009: Grudges Tough to Deal With
Grudges can tear you apart. The experts discuss the whys and how to avoid them.
SF011: Moving Elders
Moving a parent from the family home MUST be a joint decision. A first person story of a family who had to decide how the mother could best be cared for. A long list of questions to ask.


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